Walchseer Hof

Triathlon - Region Walchsee

The Walchsee region in the Kaiserwinkl is one of the few sports regions around Austria that offer outstanding conditions for a triathlon. Noting can outdo the combination of mountain and lake. This is also the reason why the annual Tyrol Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl takes place at the Walchsee. The region is ideal not only for actual competition, though – you will find the perfect geographic prerequisites for comprehensive training here as well.

Symbiosis - Kaisergebirge & Walchsee

Any number of running and cycling routes crisscross the Walchsee region and the Kaiser Mountains. The different routes run along the Walchsee up into the mountains, thus offering many variations for diverse training. Those that lead higher up into the mountains pose additional challenges for runners due to the altitude difference. Taking a break during a training unit, you will find quickly that the effort pays off. The region around the Walchsee is not only known for its perfect triathlon conditions – it is also particularly popular with athletes around the world for its beauty.
Not only the mountains cast their spell on many. Our portfolio also contains a depth of 25 m, surface of 100 ha and a breath-taking view – at our Walchsee!
At an average temperature for a pleasant 20 to 24 °C in the summer months, the Walchsee is one of the warmest lakes of Tyrol. In addition to its warm temperatures, which permit fast swimming, the lake's water is of outstanding quality –exceeding the requirements to drinking water. All of these factors make it perfect for extensive training.

Tyrol Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl

The Tyrol Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl has taken place for the sixth time already this year. Like the year before, hundreds of triathletes faced this challenge in the Kaiserwinkl of Tyrol again this year. Swimming 1.9 km, cycling 90 km and running 21 km, the participants need to give everything. Join us for the sport event of the year in the Kaiserwinkl and experience up close how the best of the best from the sports scene fight a hard battle. We will offer you a very special event next year, when the European triathlon championships will take place in Austria for the first time. Don't miss them!

Challenge Partner Accommodation – Hotel Walchseer Hof

After elaborate training, the body needs to recover again. Relax in the 4-star wellness area's sauna or during a pleasant and muscle-relaxing massage after a demanding day. As a Challenge Partner Accommodation, we will gladly take care of your needs. Please let us know in advance if you desire any special sports massage or treatment.

Not only relaxation but also culinary treats will be welcome after an exhausting training day or competition.

"I know from experience how important healthy and balanced food is. As a passionate athlete, I am well familiar with the culinary needs and wishes of the participants. Healthy and diverse nutrition are essential. For this reason, we fully adjust to the athletes and have aligned our food offer with their requirements. We offer regional organic products to ensure sustainable nutrition on the highest level. Top athletes such as a Yvonne van Vlerken and Per Bittner have already enjoyed our culinary treats. We are very happy about it!" (Georg Kaltschmid)

As a Challenge Partner Accommodation, Hotel Walchseer Hof is placed right at the finish area of the Tyrol Challenge and thus can be reached quickly and easily. With its central location, the hotel is the ideal place to stay for triathletes and athletes from all over the world.