Walchseer Hof

A land of mountains, a land of water

Everyone knows that Tirol is a land of mountains. But it is also a land of water. Thousands of springs flow down from the mountains, countless mountain lakes flow into the valleys in the Alps and that they shape the land.

Water quality which is unique.

Our water is of such excellent quality that we can drink it straight from the tap. This is a luxury that is only appreciated when at home you have to buy bottled mineral water even for making your coffee.

Cristal clear water from the lake Walchsee
Cristal clear water from the lake Walchsee in Kaiserwinkl

Where the sun always shines there is wilderness.

It may be that it rains much too often for many people. Where the sun always shines there is wilderness. The lush green, the distinctive alpine fauna and flora only come about due to the water and its vital energy.

Mild climate

Walchsee has a balancing effect on the climate. In summer it is pleasantly warm and in the winter it is not too cold, so at Walchsee you van experience the alpine climate in a pleasant way. Many people really appreciate the pure, fresh air for sport, swimming and for relaxation. The outstanding climatic conditions enthuse all age groups and make the surrounding area a main attraction at the gateway to the Alps.

Wonderful beauty

Of the lakes in Tirol certainly is a special specimen. Barely any other lake nestles so gently and idyllically between lush hills and high mountain areas. Inspiring at any time of year, the lake really does captivate people.

Walchsee - a gem among the alpine lakes.