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Being mindful of the produce we use

to provide body and soul with good energy, it has to be organic and regional. We are convinced of this, which is why we provide you with an extensive buffet breakfast featuring plenty of organic produce from the region. From organic eggs, fresh juices to bread rolls from the baker next door. We do not just offer organic produce, but also ensure that the transport routes of the produce we use are close by. In the evening too we use exclusively organic and regional produce, serving it with a great deal of attention to detail, which means you will certainly remember the food you enjoyed during your holiday for a long time to come. Those of you who prefer vegan foods can just let us know before you arrive. In any case, you will certainly enjoy your 3-course meal here....

What is important to me...

As a landlord it is important to me that it is almost exclusively regional produce that is used! Cooking honestly and with conscience, respecting animals and nature. That is why the fish, meat, game and sausages that I use come from Kitzbühel, which means I can be sure that the animals have been reared by farmers in this region. When it comes to choosing suppliers and produce we pay attention to regional, seasonal produce to ensure the best quality and support the local economy. With meat, sausages and game, the emphasis is on species-appropriate animal husbandry and that the animals receive natural feed, with no artificial additives. This is something that Metzgerei Huber in Kitzbühel can provide. Enhanced with organic herbs from our own garden. For breakfast, short delivery routes are also borne in mind, with bread supplied by the baker next door, milk from organic farmers in the area and dairy produce from the Alpine dairies in this region. Organic Fairtrade coffee from Meinl and organic honey from Bichler apiary complete the range on offer on your breakfast table. Every day our guests get to help themselves to a different, freshly brewed herbal tea free of charge in the lobby.

The provenance of our produce

  • Metzgerei Huber, Kitzbühel - Meat
  • Pillerseer Hummel - Pillersee organic, free range beef
  • Bichlbäck - Bakery items, made without preservatives
  • Bichler´s Bio Imkerei - Honey
  • Tiroler Reine - Organic soap
  • Hagleitner - Organic cleaning materials
  • Vervival - Muesli

Closed Wednesdays

Since we like to treat our staff to one day off a week during the season, please note that the restaurant is closed on Wednesdays. Just ask at Reception for some lovely culinary tips.

  • Enjoy your breakfast on the sun terrace

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