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Where hospitality is right at home

Hospitality is part of the foundations in our hotel and one of the most important reasons that people come back.

You will real luxury in a place where there is attention to detail. The Walchseer Hof is one such place. Walk in and you will feel that you have arrived. Here traditions have been kept alive for three generations by the Kaltschmid family. A social place awaits. Even decades ago, the Walchseer Hof was a place for travellers who were en route from Kufstein via Walchsee to Bavaria. Hospitality has, so to speak, its origins in our hotel, and the reins have now been handed over to Georg Kaltschmid. At this point huge thanks go out to all the members of the family and to the staff, those who have been here for many years and new members too. Keeping hospitality alive is very important to me. Artisan expertise and a passion for doing things is something that is dear to me. I only want people who are passionate about they do.
  • Your host Georg Kaltschmid extends a warm welcome
  • Passionate about their work; with attention to detail
  • A wonderfful welcome at Reception
  • Hotel Walchseer Hof in the summer
  • The small details are what characterise everything

Cordiality is very important to me

What could be nicer than doing what you love best?... and being surrounded by people who are passionate about the work they do here in the hotel! Hospitality that is alive and well, artisan expertise to provide the perfect service and attention to detail are what my team are all about. Every one of the are the reason that our guests come back and I am very thankful for them. We really look forward to welcoming you!
Kind regards, your host, Georg Kaltschmid

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