Walchseer Hof

Massages in the Hotel Walchseer Hof

With the maxim being “Healthy all-round' our wellness team puts together a well-being programme to suit your needs and also offers you any amount of beneficial massages. Those good eggs in our wellness area ensur eyou enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and recovery in the 4-star wellness hotel the Walchseer Hof. Experience a wellness holiday or an extra special break at Walchsee in the heart of Tirol.

Our massage team

Name Description
Viktoria Eder Qualified masseuse and massage therapist. Qualified physiotherapist dealing with back problems and Pilates trainer

Whether you are enjoying a ski holiday, summer break or hiking holiday in our hotel, we look forward to generally pampering you during your stay in our hotel at the lake!

NEW in the programme

Dorn and Breuß spinal column therapy
The Dorn method is a gentle, efficient and easy form of therapy for your spinal column and joints. After leg length compensation, your pelvis and sacral bone as well as your spinal column are gently attuned. In Dorn therapy the therapist checks to see if a patient's spine is out of place and with specific gentle pressure, combined with the patient moving themselves, the spine is brought back into the correct position again. After this, there is a wonderful back massage according to the methods used by R. Breuß.
Duration of the treatment, including rest period afterwards, is 75 mins. € 75,-

Honey massage to detoxify
In the course of our lifetime, our bodies are subjected to toxins from the environment, from food and medication. A honey massage is particularly good for detoxifying the body due to the variety of enzymes, vitamins And minerals which honey contains. Especially recommended for muscular tension, rheumatic complaints, stomach and intestinal complaints as well as liver trouble.
Length of treatment: 40 mins. € 47,-

Range of massages

Classic partial massage 25 mins. For back and neck or for the legs, to help relax the muscles € 32,-

Classic full body massage 50 mins. The muscles and soft tissue are invigorated and relaxed € 57,-

Aromatherapy oil massage 50 mins. Gentle whole body massage with warm almond oil and selected aromatherapy oils. Effective for: colds, to relax and regenerate € 57,-

Lymph drainage using the Dr. Vodder method 25 mins./ 50 mins. Med. treatment to help support lymph flow. Gentle rhythmical circular and pumping movements stimulate lymph flow and water which has accumulated in the tissues is trained away. € 32,-/57,-

Singing bowl treatment 50 mins. Very effective relaxation method - this treatment is important for reinvigorating and strengthening your ability to heal your own body € 57,-

Foot reflex zone massage 25 mins. Stimulates the reflex zones on the soles of your feet, thereby improving blood circulation throughout your body and supporting organ functions € 32,-

Hot stone Massage 75 mins. A massage using hot stones to warm the body, relax muscles and calm your mind. Your energy flow is gently regulated. € 98,-

Lomi Lomi Nui 90 mins. Hawaiian whole body massage, a fluid, fine massage where the whole body is treated using warm sesame oil. € 110,-

Cellulite treatment - whole body treatment 90 mins. € 119,-

Get ride of that orange peel skin and pamper yourself with this successful recipe for smooth skin! With a dry brush treatment for the whole body, finished with a tightening massage.

Price incl. natural bristle brush to take home with you!