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Paragliding & Hot air balloon flights

The best conditions in the Kaiserwinkl

Every summer lots of paragliding fans head to the Unterberg at Walchsee due to the great thermals. Up into the lofty heights - whether it is a tandem-, balloon- or paragliding flight - the Kaiserwinkl region provides every flight enthusiast with no end of fun. But maybe you can't (yet) fly and still want to experience that indescribable feeling of freedom and legendary views from a bird's eye perspective above the Kaiserwinkl region. Then why not book a tandem flight with a qualified tandem flight instructor. Flying with someone else is just the ticket!
  • A dream from above
  • Where others hike, you fly
  • Fly above Walchsee

Balloon rides

A balloon ride above the Kaiserwinkl provides a wonderful insight to the Kaiser mountains and the neighbouring Bavarian Alps. Did you know? Winter is the best time of year for a hot-air balloon ride. The air is clear and the difference in temperature between the balloon and the atmosphere helps the balloon rise easier. Since you are travelling with the speed of the wind you will not feel any unpleasant buffeting. During the annual balloon week - Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning- there are opportunities for tandem flights, and year round with Ballooning Tyrol.

Lift off & explore

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  • Ballooning Tyrol -explore the region from above
  • Paragliding flights - lift off and enjoy the view
  • Parashop - everything for paragliding
  • Paragliding workshop - Taster flight
  • Flyer bar - A meeting point for all paragliders & flight enthusiasts
  • K√∂ssen flying school
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