Walchseer Hof

Real hospitality

The best memories which you have of your travels is mostly to do with meeting people from that place. We have so much to offer in the Alps. The wonderful, spectacular mountains, the lakes, the forests, the animals and the unique alpine climate. Yet what makes us stand out in particular is the way we deal with and welcome our guests.

Hospitality is much quoted and is a matter of course. Yet it has to be refreshed. The meaning of hospitality is best expressed by Tirol's foremost promoter, Josef Margreiter:

'Hospitality is the most important reason for people coming back.' and 'hospitality which comes from the heart will be taken to heart!'

Because luxury is in the detail.

Real luxury is in the passion for detail. The Walchseer Hof**** is just that place. Here tradition has been alive and well for 3 generations thanks to the Kaltschmid family. A very special holiday location awaits. An exclusive SPA area inspires with its quality, not its size, and the rooms tempt you into the realm of dreams.

Our core theme.

The Kaiserwinkl is a sports region with extensive leisure offers. Our Walchseerhof**** is a place of relaxation. As a synonym for sophisticated luxury, which is in no way exuberant, it stands out thanks to its unique ambience. Originality and a unique setting are rounded off with culinary delights. Luxury and quality are palpable in the detail.

You can see who is behind the Walchseer Hof right here.