Walchseer Hof

Ski and snowboard hire

»It's just brilliant that I don't have to bring everything with me when I go on a skiing holiday!« Have you ever said that? We in the Hotel Walchseer Hof know how much of an effort it is for our guests to bring their skiing and snowboarding equipment with them for a winter holiday. It is much more convenient to just hire skis and snowboards right here.

No packing up and unpacking ski equipment and no shortage of space when you head away on your skiing holiday - that's we want to make possible for our guests. There is also a free ski bus transfer between the "Zahmer Kaiser Walchsee" and the "Unterberghornbahn Kössen" ski areas which bring you safely to your destination.

Ski hire stations nearby

Brandauer ski and snowboard hire are there for you and will find the right equipment for you. Whether it is skis or snowboards – Brandauer is the expert when it comes to hiring skiing and snowboarding equipment, which means nothing stands in the way of fun on the pistes during a winter holiday featuring skiing and snowboarding.

Name: Description:
Brandauer hire station Durchholzen 73
A-6344 Walchsee
Tel. +43-(0)5374-5478
E-mail sebastian.brandauer@aon.at

Bringing the day to a close in the Hotel Walchseer Hof

After a long day on the piste enjoy a leisurely glass of wine or an aperitif at the hotel bar by the fantastic open fire. Let Tirol hospitality and cordiality take effect and treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation. Bring your day to a close with a culinary experience in the Hotel Walchseer Hof and indulge in our traditional delicious Tirol foods.