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Safe in the knowledge that you will be coming to Austria and enjoying environmentally-sound holidays and eco-oriented style. A sustainable and environmentally-sound stay contributes to ensuring you feel generally great during your holiday in the Walchseer Hof. Experience holistic tranquillity and relaxation and re-energise. During the refurbishment of our 4-star Hotel Walchseer Hof at Walchsee near Kössen, it was an environmentally-sound, sustainable and environmentally compatible building and facilities that we were interested in.

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The focus was on using Iso-span, which is particularly great for insulation and creates a lovely cosy room feel, as well as being good for the environment. Thanks to this environmentally-friendly building material, the hotel is able to "breathe" and provides a basic pre-requisite for a holistic and comfortably warm stay in the Hotel Walchseer Hof at Walchsee. Our heat pump also spares the environment, taking its energy predominantly from ground water. The heat pump reduces our oil consumption by 3/4 of our original use. This means we only use oil for heating during peak times in the winter! Our hot water comes exclusively from solar facilities on our roof and from heat recovery. This ensures we provide comfortable ventilation and constant fresh air in our rooms. Solar energy is particularly efficient in the Kaiserwinkl region since the Kaiser mountains are one of the most sun-blessed areas in Austria in the summer.

Sustainable shopping When it comes to choosing suppliers and produce we pay attention to regional, seasonal produce to ensure the best quality and support the local economy. In selecting meat, sausages and game our focus is on species-appropriate animal husbandry and ensure that natural feed, with no artificial additives, is given to the animals - something that Metzgerei Huber in Kitzbühel provides. Enhanced with organic herbs from our own garden. For breakfast we focus on short supply chain, with bread coming from the bakery next door, milk from local organic farmers and dairy products and cheeses from surrounding Alpine dairies. Organic Fairtrade coffee from Meinl and organic honey from Honigmair complete the range available on your breakfast table. Every day our guests can avail of freshly brewed herbal tea, made from different herbs, in the lobby - free of charge.

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