Walchseer Hof


The showers of a weather front will reach us Tuesday night. The weather will then improve again, however.

Everywhere in Central Europe, school has started again, as has the striving for good grades! If we were to give the weather on Monday a grade, it should be the best grade possible! The day will start with a fresh, clear morning before the sun will blaze down all day from a cloudless sky and ensure temperatures climb to summer-like values in the afternoon.

Today – 14.10.2019

Probability for sun: 100%

Temperature: 10°C/50°F

Frostline: 4000 m

Tomorrow – 15.10.2019

Probability for sun: 70%

Temperature: 19°C/66°F

Frostline: 3800 m

Day after tomorrow – 16.10.2019

Probability for sun: 50%

Temperature: 13°C/55°F

Frostline: 2800 m

Quelle: Auf-Wind