Walchseer Hof


There are no significant changes expected for the next few days, temperatures will increase a bit.

Yesterday the airflow swung to the south and brought a bit more humid maritime air to our region. For today no change is expected: the air arriving here is not humid enough to prevent the sun from shining, but it will still produce thunderstorms in the afternoon and in the evening.

Today – 23.08.2019

Probability for sun: 70%

Temperature: 17°C/63°F

Frostline: 4000 m

Tomorrow – 24.08.2019

Probability for sun: 60%

Temperature: 26°C/79°F

Frostline: 4300 m

Day after tomorrow – 25.08.2019

Probability for sun: 60%

Temperature: 28°C/82°F

Frostline: 4300 m

Quelle: Auf-Wind